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vintage bass piano


Product Overview

BASSMEISTER is Kontakt instrument based on samples created with rare, vintage bass piano from East Germany. The piano was probably made sometime in 70s, it is upgraded version of keytar from 60s. It's a sort of Eastern Bloc answer to Rhodes bass piano, though it has somewhat different design. The sound is generated by vibrating metal stripes, built into a comb shaped electric pickup. The stripes are not being hit, but lifted with a plastic-rubber level mechanism, at certain point the metal stripe slips off the lever and starts to vibrate. So, technically it is an electric lamellophone (like mbira/thumb piano). Kontakt instrument features: - two velocity layers with adjustable split point, - 5x polyphonic round robin per key (separate round robin counters per key), - 390 samples, 44.1 kHz, 24 bit - selectable range of filters, - LFO and envelope filter modulations, - integrated controls for chorus, flanger, delay and equalizer. Full version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or newer is needed for this instrument to work.

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