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Bad Bassist
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Bad Bassist

Ibanez SRX305 Bass guitar sound library for NI Kontakt


Product Overview

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you Mr. Abenzi! He is our freshly found and talented bassist with an Ibanez SRX305 bass guitar and a Powerstate PBT100+BB15 combo. A nice guy with a cool bass equipment is a dream of every band.

Bad Bassist is a deep sampled sound library of an Ibanez SRX305 bass guitar through a Powerstate PBT100+BB15 combo, using 'fingered' playing technique.

This is NOT one of the usual bass guitar sample libraries, it has some unusual and different extra features!

What makes it different?

The Bad Bassist mode! Move the Bad Ratio knob to achieve the feel of a bad bass guitar player in a band. Lower ratios add small amount of bad notes and noises, higher bad ratios causes more bad and randomly added notes and noises in your bass riff. Our custom script takes care of the bad and randomly played notes in your bass riff and your music won't be the same twice.

If you want to use it as a normal bass guitar library, you can do it of course. Simply disable Bad Bassist mode (Bad Ratio=0%). The SRX305 has a nice tone, it is good for backing, adds deep and rich bass sound to your music. This sound library is an easy to use bass guitar instrument even for non-bass guitar players.

Tips & tricks:

  • Use the Random knob (or mod wheel) to enable random bad notes during playing. Tweak it for more or less bad notes.
  • Noise randomize knob is good for adding extra string noises.
  • Noise volume knob controls the loudness of additional string noises.
  • Muted notes volume knob sets the loudness of muted notes (Note Off events)


  • E2-E4, sustained/muted
  • C2-C#2, slaps/mutes
  • E1-A1, down-slides
  • C1, string noises
  • 4 round robin in normal mode
  • 6 round robin in Bad Bassist mode
  • Kontakt 4.2+ (full version) required
  • 90 MBytes (using Kontakts losless compressed format)
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