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A boutique synth and a conceptual marriage between rich, grungy digital waveforms and classic virtual analogue structure. The grungy digital waveforms are sampled from a Nebulaphone v2 and this means raw tone with huge basses and sweet degraded highs, desiderable movement, aliasing and noise. The virtual analogue structure begins with two tunable oscillators, each with: five waveforms (square/triangle/saw/sine/fm) choice between 24db lowpass filter and vowel filter three envelopes (amplitude/filter/pitch) three lfos (sine/triangle/square/saw/random) velocity controls (amplitude/filter) The sounds can be enhanced with four masterfxs (pedal-style distortion/phaser/chorus/echo) and can be played in polyphonic, monophonic and monolegato modes. Despite the limited keyrange, Artifunkt can cover many roles, from basses to pads through tons of keyboards. The solid, massive sound, the digital artifacts and the effective soundshaping options will provide tasty reinterpretations of classic patches, fresh material and a touch of sophisticated lo-finess for dirt cheap. - two-osc synth with sampled waveforms for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions - five waveforms, six octaves range (extended to eight), 156 24bit 44100hz files - two filtering options, three adsr envelopes, three lfos, plus effects section - polyphonic, mono or monolegato modes - automatable controls and midi-learn - multitabbed interface with "quick" tweaks section - 50 categorized presets (basses-fxs-keys-leads-pads)


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