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Ancient Crushed Cymbals

Ancient Crushed Cymbals

Special Cymbals for special needs


Product Overview

CRUSHED CYMBALS ANCIENT, CRUSHED & BROKEN ? 8 articulations on 6 different cymbals ? Brutally broken Cymbals for twisted horror-landscapes ? These cymbals are alive: roaring, screaming and whispering VARIETY "Ancient Crushed Cymbals" is an stunning sample library that focuses solely on offering the widest range of crushed cymbals available on the market. Broken, ruptured, scratched and crushed cymbals have all been recorded in every variation you can think of. These cymbals are breathing living creatures as you can hear when they roar, whisper and scream. QUALITY Recorded with perfect clarity on high end microphones at 44.1kHz/16bit resolution, these cymbals have a unique sound and character to them. Due to their tarnished and unperfect, broken state, they sound like real and live cymbals in a mix. PERFECT HORROR Need some fresh bowed cymbals for you next horror soundtrack or some natural sounding bronze rides and crashed for you upcoming jazz album? Wide gongs or swells for an orchestral cue or rock track? Ancient Crushed Cymbals has got you covered! NEVER NEED OTHER CYMBALS AGAIN Ancient Crushed Cymbals has a massive amount of content with over 1200 samples in total! Included in the library is 6 cymbals which range from 14 to 20 inches, each with 8 articulations: ? Ride cymbal ? Bell cymbal ? Bell ping ? Crash cymbal ? Brushed cymbal ? Gong Swells and Bowed cymbals are included, with up to 5 Round-Robins for each along with up to 6 velocity layers too. Highpass filter and pan spread options are also build into Ancient Crushed Cymbals, meaning you'll always get the sound you need. Perfect for every type of composition ranging from orchestral & pop to horror. SUMMARY ? Over 1.2GB of cymbals! ? Swells and Bowed cymbals are included ? 6 types of cymbals to choose from ? Up to 5 round robins and up to 6 velocity layers ? Highpass filter and pan spread options built in ? Perfect for absolutely every style of music including underscore, rock, jazz etc. SPECS & REQUIREMENTS ? At least 1.23 GB of hard drive space ? Kontakt 5.2.1 required Full version - Will only work in demo mode in Kontakt Player

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