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Analogue House
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Analogue House

Moog loops and samples plus MIDI


Product Overview

Analog House is an ever-evolving set of sounds and MIDI files for producing the analog synth-driven electro side of House music. The future-retro sound of Analog House was inspired by the great masters who wade deep from Chicago to Berlin. The revolutionary concept behind Analog House was to create a sample pack with nothing but two Moog synthesizers as a source for the whole collection, including drums.

The actual Moogs used? Current headliner, Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue, and Minimoog Model D (vintage deluxe) light it all up.

Our focus was to provide 32+ lengthy bar loops with slow evolving tweaks on parameters such as filter, resonance, ADSR, and transposing LFOs by octaves. Each of the loops in the Voyager set is accompanied by monophonic MIDI companions. NOTE: Model D kits are too cool for school (and MIDI files) but they?re head of the class with samples and loops.

There are playable basses and drum kits in Kontakt format as well as drum kits in Battery format. Kontakt instruments were created by sampling the two Moogs. WAV versions include ACID Pro project to get you started. All WAVs are fully ACIDized by the co-producer of this pack, Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle, founder of Peace Love Productions). Jason got his start in the loop biz back in 1998 when he worked at Sonic Foundry formatting their loops for ACID product line.

The other half of this sample pack was composed and recorded in Flower Power Recording Lab (West Hollywood, CA) by Angelo Metz.


  • 39 MIDI files
  • 245 loops
  • 165 one-shots
  • 24 bit 44.1kHz
  • Analog House sound pack contains all Moog sounds in loops, MIDI, Kontakt, and Battery kits.
  • As standard practice for all loops created by the Soundtrack Loops team, Key and BPM are tagged in both metadata and file names.
  • ACIDized Wav Zipped Contents (1 Gig) (245) Moog Loops (165) Moog One-Shots (39) MIDI Files (11) Moog Bass Kontakt Instruments and 2 Drum Kontakt Instruments (1) Moog Native Instrument Battery Kit (contains 55 sounds) (1) Sony ACID Project (Wav format only)
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