Papas St Germain

Ambient Toolkit Vol 1

Organic Ambient Sounds

Product Overview

Ambient Toolkit Volume 1 from Papas St Germain contains an eclectic mix of ambient sounds sourced from flute, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, samplers and hardware synths. The pack contains over 700MB of samples.

The folders are separated into blissful guitar sounds, ethereal flutes, broken beats and pulsating synths. The sounds were recorded and then processed extensively. Many of the tones were re-sampled, re-pitched and worked into chords, individual tones, sequences and chord progressions with the intention of creating unique otherwordly sounds suitable for any musical genre.

Some of the samples are designed to be used as starting points for full scale tracks whilst others are suitable for adding a unique flavour to any genre of production.

Kit used include: Korg Microkorg, Sheraton guitar, Music Man Amp, Electro Harmonix pedals, Line 6 DL4 AKG C 1000S, Rode NT100, PSP Audioware plug ins, X Fade looper, Reaper, Ableton and Pro Tools. Peace and enjoy Papas


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Ambient Toolkit Vol 1

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