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Ambient Constructions 1
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Ambient Constructions 1

10 Kits - Drums, Bass, Synth, Pads, Loops

Product Overview

Imagine a world where there is no distinction between all the genres, where all ideas melt and fuse into an indescribable 'feel', where your mind oozes ideas that are then morphed into a song. This is the world of 'Ambient Constructions'...

What you hear in the demo is exactly what you get!

10 short songs, or snippets if you must, waiting to be used in your compositions. This is the 'old school' approach of providing you with ready made sets that feature all the elements broken down into individual files. Each snippet comes with all the sound elements you hear.

Drum loops, percussive loops, all the riffs, bass lines, pads, pianos, Rhodes etc are provided for you and in BPMs that you can then mix and match with.

Pristine clear files that can then be sliced n' diced for further song constructions. Check the demo out as all the snippets are in there. Laid back, chilled, funky and gorgeous.

Includes drumloops, percussive loops, plus all the riffs, basslines, pads, pianos, Rhodes etc.

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