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Alive Littles

Alive Littles

88 little toys and much more !

Product Overview

Here's your new sandbox full of toys !

88 instruments are waiting for you inside the main Kontakt patch. All samples have been recorded very close with high-end equipment (Nagra LB, KM185, Blue Dragonfly, AT4050, Rode NT4 ...) in high definition (88.2kHz 24bit) in dry rooms.

Every sample is 'alive' and dynamic due to 10 random robins for every recording ! Our GUI gives you access to a lot of transformations and modulations, all based on velocity. You can set filters, pitch, stereo effects and panning, ADSR envelope, play in reverse, offset and volume sound by sound. You can choose to use random robins or not. Moreover, we added some great global effects on a second tab with a transient designer, EQ, flanger, chorus, phaser, tape saturator, lo-fi (bit crusher) and reverb.


> 5 main patches which are presets for the whole sandbox.

> 32 chromatic instruments

> 19 sound design patches made from the same sample pool !

The Sound Designer patches are unique little instruments in their own right. We will try and produce some examples of these as soon as we can. You can download the manual for more information by clicking on the "free preview" button above. Scroll down for audio demos.

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