Ice Planet Music

Alien Worlds

55 dark and scifi patches for NI Massive


Product Overview

*Note: The demo track features one preset at a time with no external effects and automations.

ALIEN WORLDS Ice Planet Music presents Alien Worlds, 55 dark and scifi patches for Native Instruments Massive synthesizer created by Giorgio Rebecchi.

55 dark and scifi patches, featuring deep drones, dark and desolating textures, cinematic hits, sci-fi effects and other sounds usefull for adding tension build ups and create music for action, thriller and horror movies and games.

This is not a sample collection! You have the full Massive patches so you can tweak all parameters or using our one knob macros to easily morph and sculpt all sounds.


22 FX: ghost, engines, robots, cyborgs, drones, etc.

33 Pad and Textures: desolation textures, alien worlds, tension backgrounds, etc.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Alien Worlds

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