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The art-renaissance-project has been busy the last weeks and now we are happy to introduce something fresh and new we created. Here we are proud to announce the release of an exiting new library for Camel Audio?s unbeaten "Alchemy" This synth is a source of countless sounds of every kind and of course we also love to use it and create sounds from heaven and also from hell. This library here contains 175 MB of our own sample material and 90 presets for them (and Alchemy?s factory content which is needed to make our library work) and of course all the variations that are possible with Alchemy?s brilliant remix-pad?s. So here we did it again, make some starship atmosphere and space wars available for you. Imagine you are in space in a huge tube made of steel and your are there to fight. Here is how the space the war the aliens your ship and the endless space sounds. Feel the heat of the fight the strange places you find and lifeforms you can?t imagine jet. Here you have the whole character of an adventure like this captured in sound. And as ever, you wound?t sound usual at all. Enjoy. (This library does not work with the Alchemy player and needs the actual version of Alchemy)


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in BAD PLACES

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