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Acoustic Cymbals
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Acoustic Cymbals

Recorded In Four Locations With Multiple Microphones


Product Overview

The Acoustic Cymbals pack includes 65 unedited acoustic cymbal recordings and 35 edited FX cymbals. The pack was recorded in four different locations such as parking garages and tunnels beneath the streets using a variety of unique recording techniques such as moving the cymbals around and hitting the cymbals with various objects.

This pack is sure to give you the unique acoustic cymbal sound that your songs have been waiting for!

"We didn't want these to be your average cymbals, we wanted them to have some character, and I think we've achieved that through our various locations and recording techniques." - Devan Taylor (DevanMist Owner/Audio Engineer)

All samples are 24bit .WAV files intended for easy use in any DAW or sampler of choice.

Notice: The kick drum and snare samples heard in the demo song are NOT featured in this sample pack.

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