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The cornerstone of many tracks today is the rhythm section comprising both drums and bass. We have been giving away smallish bass packs for a while now and we felt it was time to fully update the series and make it bigger, bringing it into line with the new XL series we are planning over the next few months and years. In this installment there are 50 seperate bass sounds fully multisampled from 10 of the best synth sources, as below: 1-5 Imposcar 6-10 Oddity 11-15 Predator 16-20 CS80V 21-25 Moog Modular 26-30 Prophet V 31-35 Subtractor 36-40 Thor 41-45 Malstrom 46-50 ES2 and EXS24 Sine Tech Specs 50 bass sounds sampled from c1-c3. All sound are given a number from 01 to the end so for reference 01 is C1. This makes it easier to chromatically add samples to a sampler which is quicker than having to put each one in at a time. They total a maximum of 919mb of individual sounds totalling 1250 samples. http://mrthebigman.com
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