AAA Game Character Demon
AAA Game Character Demon
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Epic Stock Media

AAA Game Character Demon

450+ dialogue and in-game audio experiences.

Product Overview

AAA Game Character Demon

Epic Stock Media is back with another game character voice pack. Introducing the first of AAA Game Character series – Demon.

AAA Game Character Demon is a robust vocal sound effects bank that brings rich and dynamic game ready voice audio assets. Includes over 450+ scripted custom lines, battle cries, fight vocals and everything you need to build a compelling dark antagonist dialogue and in-game audio experiences.

Presented in multiple Formats: 96k 24Bit, 44.1k 16Bit, and Game Ready MP3, AAA Game Character Demon is built to provide a reliable source bank of epic fantasy vocals, dialogue, and immersive fight and cutscenes in your next epic fantasy adventure production.


  • 458 Game Ready Voice Audio Assets
  • 15 minutes of audio
  • 646.1 MB of samples
  • Includes Multiple Formats: 96k 24Bit, 44.1k 16Bit, and Game Ready MP3
  • AAA Game Character Voice Sound Effects Library
  • 36 Battle Crys, Roars, Long, Short, Snort
  • 3 Breathing, Deep, Quick
  • 14 Coughing, Hacking, Gross
  • 8 Crying, Slow, Fast
  • 164 Custom Lines like Allow Me to End You, I Shall Deliver You To Your Death
  • 29 Fight Vocals, Hit, Swing, Growl, Grunt
  • 23 Jumping, Short, Long, Double Jump
  • 23 Laughing, Building, Explosive, Low
  • 17 Pain Vocals, Choking, Dying, Short, Long
  • 142 Stock Lines like I Cannot Do That, At Your Service, Draw Swords, I Am Out Of Mana
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