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44 DUBSTEP GM MIDI Drum Pattern



Product Overview

This Pack includes Dubstep Drum Pattern in GM(General MIDI) format.

If you have some GM Drum Kit you can just open a Drum Kit in your favourite sampler and load one of the Dubstep MIDI Drum Pattern into your Sequencer and put some MIDI file on a sampler track with the GM Drum Kit you opened.You can now switch to another GM Drum Kit if you want to.

By this you can make one and the same MIDI sequence sound completely different.This is an easy way to create drum loops in a quick way.This MIDI pattern will give you inspiration and can help to focus on creating some Dubstep Bassline.

The MIDI Drum Pattern can be edited and arranged because of flexibility of MIDI. The Demo Tune made by Skuvlow was made by using these MIDI files. Have a listen to get some first impression.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in 44 DUBSTEP GM MIDI Drum Pattern