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Just play as you want, and the instrument will follow you. Performer Intelligent Technology ?, known as PIT and first introduced with the Clarinet, now evolves to the 2nd generation with this small but great library. Sampled from the Violin of a Romanian friend, Francesco Ionascu, a very talented musician currently involved with several concerts around the world. ?Performer Intelligent Technology ? 2 evokes unparalleled realism on live performances, so superlative that seems to follow the player's intentions. How is it possible? A complex script, powered by Kontakt engine, allows the control of several parameters simultaneously on each individual note pressed and on the time that elapses between one note and the other ones, calibrated to get a result as close as possible to the real instrument. PIT2 has a chord detection time. It allows the player to make a chord deactivating legato samples. PIT2 controls legato crosses in 2 directions (up/down) and with different glide times (long/short passages) calling the right samples. If You want to play a chord with an hand, and then perform a melody with the other hand, PIT2 activates legato samples also for the melody. PIT2 controls 2 legato types: slow and fast. If You play a slow melody, the sound will result in a sweet legato sound, but if You play faster, PIT2 auto detects the time elapsed from one note to the next one, and it will switch the right samples. PIT2 also controls velocities, based on the actual performance detecting times and touch sensitivity. And it's very well optimized for MIDI files. All in real-time and CPU friendly. ? Are you skeptical? Just play to believe. Features of 1st Violin: * 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution * 3 dynamic layers * 14 sound modes, also switchable using key-switches (listed below) * MOD wheel controls the volume to make crossfades * Board suppressor, useful to reduce the fret noise especially on high notes * Touch knob to adjust the velocity curve * Stage simulation knob to create a virtual environment for the instrument * Area knob to adjust the virtual environment size * Fullness knob to adjust the low frequencies * Presence knob to adjust the mid frequencies * Detail knob to adjust the brightness of the instrument * Compressed file size of ONLY 63 MB * Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes on Kontakt Player) Sound modes: 1. Live!Air* 2. Live!Dance* 3. Sweet 4. Lyrical 5. Squaredance 6. Legato 7. Tremolo 8. Pizzicato 9. Spiccato 10. Harmonics 11. Disco 12. Duelling Fingers 13. Duelling Bows 14. FX & Clusters *Live! modes use PIT2 scripts for real-time performances. The demo is embedded below but it may not show on certain browsers - here's a link instead: https://soundcloud.com/hephaestussounds/sets/1st-violin-for-kontakt
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