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Curator Spotlight: Serum Presets

Curator Spotlight: Serum Presets


Steve Duda's groundbreaking wavetable synthesizer, Serum, is one of the most popular VST instruments around and a valuable, if not essential, addition to any producer's sonic arsenal. Created in 2013 and released through Xfer Records, Serum has received numerous accolades from the computer music press as well as shoutouts from some of the industry's finest producers.

Notably popular with producers in the EDM scene, Serum is certainly not limited to the genre and is just as impressive when used for cinematic ambiences as it is for Dubstep leads or gnarly Electro basslines.

With a highly intuitive interface and workflow, dual wavetable capabilities, multiple routing options, and an impressive array of handy effects, Serum has set the standard in wavetable synthesis. Not forgetting to mention the most important aspect of the synth... it simply sounds incredible!

Here is a selection of some of my favourite preset collections from the Sampleism catalogue.

Origin Sound - Retro Synths

Retro Synths

“Retro Synths - Serum Presets” is a preset pack for Xfer Records Serum that focuses on recreating the classic sounds of famous hardware synthesisers within the constraints of a modern VST. Taking influence from Synthesiser legends such as Vince Clarke, Vangelis and Georgio Moroder, as well as the sounds of Funk & early Hip Hop artists, “Retro Synths - Serum Presets” provides you access to all styles of the synthesiser that are considered vintage in a affordable and highly usable package.

GOGOi - Vapourwave


Vapourwave contains 60 artistically crafted Serum presets for Vapourwave and Chillwave production. Ready to be used in Synthwave, Chillwave, Future Electronica , New Wave, Vapourwave, or to add Woozy synth textures. The sounds are for Synthwave, Retrowave, Future Electronica, Synthpop, Chillwave, Future RnB, and Pop genres. And of course you can use them in any other genres to add more 80s synth textures to your music. 

Electronisounds - Bass Music for Serum

Bass Music for Serum

Bass Music for Serum will definitely recharge your sound arsenal and give you new inspiration!  Overflowing with ALL the fresh sounds you need to write your own bass music bangers from the ground up. The sounds are so easy to use and versatile, you will be coming back to this pack again and again to use the sounds in multiple tracks, for many different genres and ALL BPM's! These 128 patches are based around 75 all new custom wavetables which are also included in this pack for you to design your own patches with.  Macro control modulations and mod wheel assignments (just waiting to be tweaked and automated by you) are featured in most patches!

Audiomodern - Opal


OPAL is a stunning collection  of ethereal sounds, Ambient Soundscapes, Soft Leads, Synths, Pads and Sequence Sounds programmed for Serum the incredible wavetable soft synth by Xfer Utilising all the cool modulations options the synth has to offer to create an incredible collection of presets guaranteed to add presence and character to your productions. These presets have been carefully crafted and sculpted with the utmost care, making sure each preset has both an impressive sound and an ease of use. Beginners should feel right at home diving into these sounds and advanced users will appreciate the quickness of creating new sounds tailored to their tracks with just the turn of a few controls.

Gravitas Create - Catalyst


120 carefully crafted Serum Presets ready to go. Dive in and see how our top artists make their Sounds. Contributing Artists: AMB | Au5 | Bassline Drift | Celestiate | Cryptex | Dysphemic | David Starfire | ill-esha | Kermode | Pockitz | Psymbionic | Wolf-e-Wolf

Origin Sound - Tisoki Serum Presets

Tisoki Serum Presets

Origin Sound is proud to bring you Tisoki’s signature Serum Presets pack. Giving insight to his renowned sound design, this pack contains various basses from his past releases and hidden gems directly from Tisoki’s hard-drive. The pack covers any type of bass you will need from ferocious growls to piercing screeches. These presets will inspire all producers with its innovative sound design.

New Loops - Serum Bass

Serum Bass

New Loops presents Serum Bass  - 64 highly refined modern Bass presets for Xfer Serum. These Bass presets are not for the faint-hearted, they’re big, deep, loud and damn right grimy.  You’ll find everything from distorted Dubstep wobbles and sequences, robotic bandpass  sweeps, and metallic Trap subs to punchy FM Trance Basses, dual-tone Future House plucks, electric EDM Basses and a lot more!

GOGOi - 80s Retrowave

80s Retrowave

Retrowave contains 60 artistically crafted serum presets for synthwave production. Ready to be used in Synthpop, New Wave, Retrowave or to add 80s synth textures to any track. Inspired by Power Glove, Com Truise, Robert Parker and Mitch Murder. The sounds are for Synthwave, Retrowave, Future Electronica, Synthpop, Chillwave, Future RnB, and Pop genres. And of course you can use them in any other genres to add more 80s synth textures to your music.

Electronisounds - EDM Vigilante

EDM Vigilante

Electronisounds presents "EDM Vigilante for SERUM VSTi". These skillfully crafted patches will bring you instant inspiration. Using this bank of patches, you will get the sound and feeling of EDM straight away! With EDM Vigilante, we've designed a very versatile set of 100 patches and 48 exclusive custom wavetables for this innovative synth. The patches will appeal to producers of many different genres and the all-new wavetables are perfect for those of you who like to experiment and design your own sounds!

Brandon Clark - Dark Prairie

Dark Prairie

Dark Prairie is a sound set that is heavily inspired by today's aphotic film, and game soundtracks. Containing dark ambient/cinematic atmospheres, unnatural, and organic sound effects, industrial bass/ percussive hits, and experimental synths that humbly try to reflect the exploratory nature that resides in most of us. Dark Prairie is fitting for those seeking new sounds for their next Cinematic, Ambient or Industrial composition, or for those just looking for something a little more unconventional.

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