Curator Spotlight: Field Recordings - Sampleism
Curator Spotlight: Field Recordings

Curator Spotlight: Field Recordings


Whether to enhance film and game environments or to provide organic elements and textures in a music production, Field Recordings are a versatile asset to include in your sound library.  From many varieties of weather and city atmospheres to a range of vehicles, animals and more, Sampleism has a world of audio adventures awaiting your exploration. See below for a small selection of my favourites from some of the world's best sound recordists.

West Wolf - Night Cityscapes

Night Cityscapes 

Night Cityscapes delivers the urban sounds of a sleeping city. The collection includes more than 3 hours of night and early morning ambiences that are recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. All recordings were made between 01:30 and 05:30 am. This collection will uncover city in a way you may not know.

Mindful Audio - WW2 Aircraft

WW2 Aircraft

WW2 Aircraft is a collection of recordings of rare World War 2 aircraft captured at several airfields around the UK. It features icons such as the Supermarine Spitfire, Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann, North American P-51 Mustang, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, Grumman F8F Bearcat and others. The library consists of 59 recordings ranging from 13 seconds to over 10 minutes in length, all recorded with the Sennheiser MKH416, MKH8040 and the Sony PCM D100.

Articulated Sounds - Winter Forest

Winter Forest

We present here an ambience sound library from the collection 'Wonders of Nature' that captures the magical essence of dormant snowy forests. 

'Winter forest' is not just about silence, it unfolds the delicate flow of lone natural immensity. Over the span of 2 years we recorded the cold north wood forest of the Laurentian in Canada. We captured chilly breezes, sparse birds, creaking barks, freezing rain, raven's vocalizations, wolves, long cold silences. All of which resonate through these unique sceneries of quietude. 

Original Sounds - Tokyo City

Tokyo City

Get the authentic sounds of Tokyo City in this library from Original Sounds. It features everything from sounds captured in the city centre, busy streets, pedestrian streets, parks, residential areas, trains and subways – exterior and interior recordings captured at different times of day. So If you're looking for the sounds of Tokyo, this one gets you 1 hour and 46 minutes of great, authentic recordings!

Sound Ex Machina - Rain City

Rain City

Rain City is a HQ sound effects library featuring 84 recordings captured at various indoor and outdoor locations, in a quiet urban environment.

Inside, you will find various types and intensities of rainfall, from soft, detailed dripping on roof tiles and heavy machinery in an idle construction site, to heavy rain in the city at night, to torrential downpour against car windows, Plexiglas rooftop panels, umbrellas and more.

Gravitas Create - Noverture Vol. 1 - Field Recordings

Noverture Vol. 1 - Field Recordings

Imagine the feelings and sensations from the natural world combined with the magical, larger-than-life vibes created in the digital world. This is Noverture. 200 MB of field recordings from the Gravitas Recordings collective.

The 21st century has shown us the true potential that lies inside the creation of digital sound. Our ears are the very first to experience these unique, time-warping, reality-bending sensations. Even so, the digital music scene is developing so quickly that, in 2015, we’ve already heard all the grimy wobbles, basic wub-wubs, builds and drops more times than we can count.

This calls for something new – Combining the human experience with our digital creation. This is Noverture.

Epic Stock Media - Organic Nature

Organic Nature

The Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound library includes premium quality audio assets and over 3 full hours of sound covering; beaches, birds, fire, forests, freezing rain, ocean, rain, summer nights, thunderstorms, winter, woodlands, and a morning snow shower as well. Forget about messing with your umbrella and suntan lotion, let the Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound effects library bring Mother Nature into your next game or media production. Includes the entire Epic Nature Loops collection too.

SFXsource - Ambiences & Backgrounds

Ambiences & Backgrounds

Ambiences & Backgrounds brings together 311 field recordings perfectly suited to a wide range of multimedia productions. Separated into categories including airports, arenas, grocery stores, restaurants, train stations and many more, this collection will prove to be your go-to library when you need to add some real-world sounds to your projects.

Glitchmachines - Idiom


Idiom features 2,600 unprocessed natural sounds harvested from a broad range of unusual sources.

This massive 5.6GB pack is comprised of 20 categorical sub-folders containing a total of 2,600 24bit 96kHz samples. Focused on the weirder side of the natural sonic landscape, we harvested a nuanced collection of new source material full of peculiar quirks and colorful textures.

BOOM Library - Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Birds Of Prey is a sound collection full of extraordinary flying raptors: buzzards, cranes, eagles, falcons, goshawks, vultures, owls and more. The wildlife of the skies represents itself with calling, chirping, shrieking, cawing, screeching, growling and other unique bird voices. Whether aggressive or social, anxious or relaxed, melodic or irregular – get ready for a concert of the remarkable!

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