The Hellish Dreamworld - Sample Pack
The Hellish Dreamworld
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Pink Mayo


The Hellish Dreamworld

Unique and strange sounds


Product Overview

The Hellish Dreamworld is a small sample library for producers wanting new, unique, strange sounds to play around with. It's aimed mainly at ambient/noise producers, but can be used for lots of other things as well. It contains things like pads, soundscapes (loops), one-shot instruments, a small selection of drum loops, ambient effects, etcetera... 60 samples, all crafted with love and emotion.

The process to make these samples involves recording sessions. I would have some recording sessions with my guitar, or my harmonica, recorder, ocarina, whatever else I have lying around that I never use... And I morph them, twist them, turning them into something surreal and weird. No synths used (unless it's for kicks on drums)

Lush pads are plentiful here, as well as some creepy ones, noisey ones, strange guitars, and unknown instruments that have been mangled so much they are unrecognizable... You've got it all.

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