Downtempo Piano Vol 1 - Kinema Sounds
Kinema Sounds

DownTempo Piano Vol. 1

175MB of Jazz infused Grand Piano

Product Overview

175MB of Smoked out, Jazz infused Grand Piano for Hip Hop and Lo-Fi production

13 tracks, make up 60 loops at the following BPMs: 70, 75, 80, 110, 120,

Recorded on a mid 1970's Danemann Grand Piano in Kinema Audio's incredible Studio 2 (formerly a cinema auditorium) with a Retro Sounding Coles 4038 pair recorded into Neve 1073 Preamps and a Flea Vintage 47 recorded into A BAE 1073 preamp.

This incredible set of loops is played by and composed by Sam Brown, and was inspired by Dave, Joji and Shiloh Dynasty amongst others.

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