Nu Psych Sounds - Papas St Germain
Nu Psych Sounds
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Papas St Germain

Nu Psych Sounds

1.7GB of psychedelic sounds.

Product Overview

The latest release from Papas St Germain is a deep trip into the psychedelic underground.

This pack contains over 1.7GB of beats, bass, found sounds, synths, guitars, stringed instruments, acoustic tones and psychedelic loops.

This is papas st germain's boldest collection of sounds yet.

Hugely inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the last few decades, all these sounds are custom made and played in real time.

All the beats and grooves are off the grid and swing with style , guitars are raw and untamed and the basslines bounce in a heady psychedelic stew.

Treat yourself to some unique original beats, loops AND SAMPLES.

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