Papas St Germain

Ambient Toolkit Vol 2

Sounds From The Ambient Underground


Product Overview

Ambient Toolkit VOL 2 is packed full of moody synths, dark pads, psychedelic sequences and edgy, eclectic beats. This pack takes the dark ambient side.

Influenced by Burial's moody synths, Aphex Twin's ambient works, the atmospheric guitar scapes of MBV and the intricate found sound beats of Four Tet, Autechre and Burial. This pack offers over 800 Mb of genuine quality underground sounds created from a wide variety of sources.

From found sounds to analogue synths to signals processed through analogue pedals and hardware effects to guitars processed to melting point. All of these sounds are genuinely individual in character scope and depth.

Designed to be used in any genre of music, these samples are true originals and will enliven any production. Enjoy! Peace, Papas.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Ambient Toolkit Vol 2

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