Ambient Guitars Vol. 1
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Papas St Germain

Ambient Guitars Vol. 1

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Chilled Ambient Guitars



Product Overview

Ambient Guitars Vol 1 contains 300MB of ambient guitar samples ideal for use in soundtrack and downtempo compositions. The samples were created using acoustic and electric guitars tuned to DADGAD and open G tuning, a Music Man amp and massive delays, reverbs and distortions.

Pedals used included various Electro Harmonix pedals and some stereo microphone techniques on the amp. Further processing was also used in software with Audio Damage plug-ins, PSP Audioware plug-ins and various cut up editing techniques.

All of the sounds were heavily influenced by Boards of Canada, My Bloody Valentine, Broadcast, Eno and weird psych folk records. Examples available at the sampleism community group on soundcloud. ( All samples are royalty free.

This library is Volume 1 from a 2 part collection.

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