Vinyl Collection
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Michael Bietenholz


Vinyl Collection

Kontakt Vinyl Recreation


Product Overview

You got your stacks of wax, but this is not just static loops, this is dusty stacks that you can mould to exactly the shapes and rhythms that you want.

The Vinyl Collection consists of several Kontakt instruments.

First there is a selection of looped vinyl grooves, which can be latched so that after pressing a key, the loop will continue to play till that key is pressed again to stop it.

Then there is a collection of 33 individual snaps, crackles, pops, scratches, thuds - all the weird and wonderful noises vinyl can make - mapped across the keyboard, so you can craft your own vinyl rhythms. Many have round-robin alternates or multiple-velocity samples.

Finally, there is a TR-808-like bass and snare drum sounds also made from the sounds of an LP, for providing a more conventional beat if that's what your track needs. These sounds are made like those of the actual TR808 by sending a trigger through a resonant filter network, but here the trigger is a single vinyl pop rather than the electronic pulse used in the TR808. True to the nature of vinyl, the trigger pop is a little different each time, giving these sounds a life of their own.

Please Note: Compatible with Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher (NOT Kontakt Player)


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Vinyl Collection

Controls and usage

On Vinyl_Hits.nki

Bass, Treble: tone controls to boost or cut the bass and treble
Release: controls the decay time of the sounds after the key is released (only affects the longer sounds)
Tone: selects the convolution effect to apply. Choose between flat response (no effect), and old gramophone response, and a tube amplifier response.

On Vinyl_Loops.nki

Kill Latched: this button kills any latched notes still playing.
Hitting the C1 key [lowest on a 5-octave keyboard] will also kill any latched notes.
Latch: controls whether the vinyl loops latch. If its "on" each key triggers a loop which continues playing until the corresponding key is played again. The "Kill Latched" button, or playing C1 will stop all playing loops. (If "Latch" is "off" loops play normally until the key is released).
Rumble Filter: a high-pass filter which removes turntable rumble
RPM: selects whether the loops play back at 33 rpm or 45 rpm
Bass, Treble, Release, Tone: same as on Vinyl Hits above

Vinyl_BD808.nki (play key C1)

Tune: controls the frequency of the kick-drum sound
Decay: controls the decay of the kick-drum sound.

Vinyl_SD808.nki (play key D1)

Tune: controls the frequency of the snare-drum sound
Snares: controls the amount of the snare-component
Crack: the amount of "crack" defining the attack of the sound
Reverb: controls the built-in reverb.

Vinyl_4instruments.nkm - this loads all four individual nki's above, with the Vinyl_BD808.nki, Vinyl_SD808.nki and Vinyl_Hits on Midi channel 1 and the Vinyl_Loops on Midi channel 2,

Copyright notice

This sample-set is copyrighted by Michael Bietenholz ( except as noted in the "credits" section below. You are free to use the Kontakt instrument for commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions.  It is, however, forbidden to use any part of the product, in particular samples, instruments or scripts, for the creation of a sound library or as a sound library for any kind of synthesizer, virtual instrument, sample library, sample-based product or other musical instrument


All samples were recorded by, and are copyrighted by Michael Bietenholz with the exception of the following, which were taken from (most are processed and/or edited versions of the samples on 

Luffy: thud_x2_luffy.wav;
Freqman: Vdrop_freqman.wav;
Insintesi: crackle_insintesi_shift.wav, vinyl_loop_in.wav;
Jamesabdulrahman zip_x2_jar.wav, vinyl_loop_jar.wav;
Nickrave squeak_x2_NR.wav, squeak_nicrkave_x2.wav, vinyl_loop_nr.wav;
Ludvique scratch_x2_ludvique.wav;
Mikala_Oidua: wak_x4_mikala-oidua.wav;
Jessepash: switch_x2_jessepash.wav;
Noisecollector wibble_noisecollector.wav, wow_x2_noisecollector.wav;
Jppi-Stu: vinyl-loop-jp.wav

Customer Reviews

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A Useful Vinylizer

A collection of vinyl sound loops distributed within several individual instruments and one multi isn't something new nor a very capable vinylizer, but can be very useful, and the price is a fraction from what would you pay for other similar libraries.So, for me it's already giving fruits.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

Pedro Kerstitzsch

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆Verified Review


Cool Circuit Vinyl Collection sound bank!

Maxime Ravaine

Maxime Ravaine

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