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Jam Jar
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Michael Bietenholz


Jam Jar

Snapping a Mason-jar lid for a steel-drum like instrument

Product Overview

Another one from the kitchen: a tuned percussion instrument made from the sound of snapping a Mason jar lid. But that doesn't tell you much - listen to the demo.

Its somewhere between a steel drum and a kalimba.

This very responsive Kontakt instrument has main samples at five different velocities as well as round-robin alternates. Tweakability is provided by the custom Kontakt interface, which has several controls to fine-tune the tone, and allows you to select a damped mode, where the notes end when the key is released, complete with note-off noises, or an undamped mode where each note rings to its natural conclusion. A "dubby" version of the instrument is also included, where the mod-wheel brings in a delay.

(Compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher) - NOT Kontakt Player

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