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Michael Bietenholz


Hammer on the bass!

Product Overview

Hammerbass: its somewhere between a bass guitar and a hammered dulcimer. But don't think the twee folky sound of a hammered dulcimer, but rather the jangly, noisy sound of hitting on your heavy-gauge roundwound GHS Boomers with a drumstick. Lots of character and body - great for bass, but also good in the higher register for more melodic uses.

The Hammerbass has two sets of main samples (24-bit), one from a pickup and one close-mic'ed, with the mix being controllable from the custom interface. There are also separate samples for the attacks, for the note-off noises as well as for some string squeaks or scrapes (a noise like dragging a pick along a string). In addition, playing a high C triggers a "thud" sound like muting the strings on a bass. Multiple-velocity samples of course, and most samples have round-robin alternates.

The custom interface provides controls for the amount of attack and for the volume of the characteristic note-off noises, and how often the "string scrape" noises are triggered between notes. You get two NKI instruments, the first where everything is combined and a custom script controls the triggering of note-off noises and scrapes, designed for just playing (this one was used for the Soundcloud demo) and the second where the main notes, note-off's and scrapes are key-switched so you can have full control over when they get triggered.

Compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 and higher - NOT Kontakt Player

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