Deep Steel - Kontakt
Deep Steel
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Michael Bietenholz


Deep Steel

Metal and swirling water bell-like instrument for Kontakt

Product Overview

A delicious sound combining metal and swirling water into a bell-like ringing with a liquid, wavy decay. The samples were made by striking a steel bowl with water in it and then swirling it around.

Close-miked stereo for a wide stereo field with 96 kHz sampling rate.

Deep sampling with four round-robin alternates and multi-velocity samples. There are two different playing styles: full and damped, selectable from the custom Kontakt interface or by keyswitching (88 key and 5-octave versions included). You can shape the sound to your liking with separate controls for the strike and note-off volumes, a control to adjust the balance of the attack and sustain/decay portions of the samples, as well as a control for the amount of the fundamental tone to make the sound more or less pitched. Built in tone controls, and reverb, with three selectable reverb types including an "underwater" convolution effect, and delay effects. 


Included NKIs:

  • Deep_Steel.nki: version with a switch in the Kontakt instrument interface selecting the long or short samples
  • Deep_Steel_keysw88.nki: keyswitch version, where the bottom two keys of an 88-note keyboard control whether the long or short samples are used (A -1: long, B -1 short).
  • Deep_Steel_keysw61.nki: keyswitch version, where the bottom two keys of an 5-octave 61-note keyboard control whether the long or short samples are used (C 0: long, D 1 short).

Compatible with FULL Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher - Not for Kontakt Player

Copyright notice: This sample-set is copyrighted by Michael Bietenholz ( You are free to use the Kontakt instrument for commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions. It is, however, forbidden to use any part of the product, in particular samples, instruments or scripts, for the creation of a sound library or as a sound library for any kind of synthesizer, virtual instrument, sample library, sample-based product or other musical instrument without express permission from Michael Bietenholz.

Credits: Knob images based on the 1.knob design by Mikola Ptashnikoff (c) 2012 is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY; Switch image based on switch_toggle.knob by az (c) 2011 is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY.


Short/Long switch: controls whether the short, damped samples or the full-length samples are used (this switch is absent in the key-switched NKI instruments, where keyswitches are used to select the short or long sample).

Sustain: controls the balance of the clang and wow (attack and sustain) portions of the samples.

Sine: controls the level of the fundamental-tone. Increasing the level makes the sound more clearly pitched.

Sine-note menu: controls the note of the fundamental-tone

Strike: controls the volume of an initial strike sound

Note-Off: controls the volume of the release samples (triggered at the end of a played note).

Bass: tone control, increase or decrease the amount of bass

Presence: tone control, increase or decrease the amount of the upper midrange.

Delay: controls the amount of the built-in delay

Reverb: controls the amount of the built-in reverb

Reverb menu: selects the kind of built-in reverb - medium length, long, or a special "underwater" effect.

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