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The Lobby Piano

An exploration into what a piano can be

Product Overview

Here’s an idea no developer has ever thought off: let’s make a piano library.

I know, I know. The world really frigging doesn’t need another deep sampled piano library with a hundred microphones to choose from. So I didn’t make one. Instead I made you something very different.

The Lobby Piano is an exploration into what a piano can be. A collection of sound design piano tones ranging from experimental playing styles to completely recharged sound explorations. The Lobby Piano is at home in pretty much everything you do. It’s not really a piano anymore. Really it isn’t.

I recorded sounds from a single piano (located in a lobby, duh) with an assortment of orthodox and unorthodox methods and tools (a hammer and a keychain were involved among other items). Still this is not an effects piano nor a prepared piano. It’s a designed piano.

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The Lobby Piano contains 200 patches with 296 original soundsources. The patches are divided into 13 categories that are easily identifiable within Omnisphere. The categories are:

Alarms (7), Arps (22), Atmospheres (16), Basic Piano Sounds (10), Basses (10), Designed (8), FX (10), Hits (8), Keys (43), Pads (35), Percussion (20), Pulses (6), Synth (5)


  • The Lobby Piano requires Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2.5.
  • The Lobby Piano takes up 578 MB of hard drive space.


"Tapsa is a very talented and has a great ear for creating original and unique sounds in the The Lobby Piano sound sets for Omnisphere2. One signature sound can inspire a composition and lead to a piece of music that can launch a major studio campaign. This is packed with so many unique, bold, radical, sublime sounds that will lead to many compositions. Thank you Tapsa for making this library and continued updates and support!"
Mark Portmann
FilmScores: A World Away (2019) featuring Rowan Blanchard
Trailers: First Man, Mission:Impossible Fallout, Ben Is Back, Dolemite Is My Name, Downsizing, Stronger, American Sniper, The Finest Hours, The Olive Tree
Producer: Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi, Josh Groban, Chris Botti and many more….


"Having seen personally how Tapsa does his sounds and the amount of love he puts into his work, I must say The Lobby Piano library is a true labour of love. The amount of details is incredible, and after numerous talks with him, I’m willing to believe his dogma of “found sounds” will get a massive amount of air under its wings, if the outcome sounds like this one. I wholeheartedly recommend the sound set for both the composers and the sound designers. I’m not giving easily high ratings, but this one’s a definite 10/10."
Petri Alanko
Composer. Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Trials Fusion, Crossfire2, Imaginaerum The Movie, Classical Trancelations In Concert


"Every sound in The Lobby Piano is inspiring and useful, especially if you’re looking for wonderfully dark and organic soundscapes for your compositions."
Bobby Tahouri
Composer. Rise of the Tomb Raider.


"The sounds of “The Lobby Piano” are extremely beautiful and special with a lot of depth - instant inspiration. Sometimes I open the soundset just to play and for the fun of it (this is always a good sign). Long story short: when you own Omnisphere, you have to have the “The Lobby Piano”. If you don’t have Omnisphere, you should buy both!
Raffael Gruber
CEO/Composer: Venture Sound.

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