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Polymorphic Atavism
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Leap Into The Void

Polymorphic Atavism

Hybrid textures, sequences and synth sounds for u-he Bazille.

Product Overview

Polymorphic Atavism is a diverse, deep and versatile collection of sounds ranging from sequences, soundscapes, drones and textures to pads, leads, bass and synth sounds for melodic use.

From dark and mysterious to noisy and distorted to beautiful and expressive to smooth and evolving to cryptic and minimalistic to hypnotic and the mesmerizing Leap Into The Void.


  • 108 sequences, soundscapes, drones, pads, leads, bass and more.
  • Instant morphing and coloring using modwheel and expression.
  • Patchlist with descriptions of each preset and the assignments.

Bazille 1.0 required

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