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Amiga Kit
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Amiga Kit

Collection of 6 drumkits and 10 synths from the Amiga demoscene days


Product Overview

This is a collection of 6 drumkits and 10 synths from the Amiga demoscene days. A total of 63 pure retro sounds captured directly from an oldschool amiga machine full with original files. Expertly trimmed and collated for your listening pleasure.

In the nineties (and still today) there was a very creative scene on the Amiga doing demos, intros, cracktros and lots of compos. Most artists were sampling from records, cds, and whatsoever using vintage 8-bit audio-digitizers to build up the so called "modules".

The result is a very unique characteristic sound! This kit is suitable for musicians involved in the making of genres like: HipHop Chiptunes Electro Oldskool Techno '80 sound nostalgia EBM/Powernoise ...and all sorts of unusual industrial sides of music

Download comes with premade patches for Kontakt, EXS24, Battery and also raw WAV/AIFF Files

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