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3 Reed Harmonium
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3 Reed Harmonium

Authentic Indian Instrument

Product Overview

This original Three Reed Harmonium Instrument has been lovingly re-created using the professional studio of Amarjeet Bolla and Kaneda at Sampleism to provide you with an authentic sounding Kontakt 4 Patch.

This particular Harmonium is a high quality 'jas' model. A superior quality product, not quite as authentic and rustic in sound as the single reed model but with a higher spec and tonal character.


1. There is a slight frequency adjuster to give you a bit of control over the subtle wow effect characteristic that the original instrument displayed. CC22 will alter the speed of this frequency shift.

2. You can dial in an additonal Octave either below or above the root to give extra depth and warmth depending on your mood. CC20 will dial in the Low Octave while CC21 will dial in the High Octave

3. Although Indian music tends to keep the instrument source dry from Reverb we have included a control to allow you to alter the Reverb from zero to Mild..;-D CC23 will control the Reverb Wet Signal.

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