Trash Clatter and Clunk - Found Percussion Samples
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Trash, Clatter and Clunk

Unique Junk Percussion Samples

Product Overview

Trash, Clatter & Clunk' gives you the building blocks to create your own distinct percussion or mangle sound design as you desire.

This trashy pack contains 252Mb of 24bit WAV high quality and ready to use junk.

It contains a skip load of 841 Clattering Sound design elements taken from the most junk filled kitchen on earth. Suitable for many applications, whether you are looking for foley, producing an industrial post apocalyptic soundscape or you just want to upset your neighbours.

This pack contains a large pile of metal junk which has been scraped, banged, slapped, bashed, twanged, crashed, pinged, clicked, clunked, boinged and clankety clanked. All this has been done gently, moderately and furiously with wooden and metal beaters and smashed into each other.

All sounds contained within this pack are recorded using a Zoom H1 field recorder, 100% royalty free and cleared for your use in commercial productions.


  • 29 Chain On Metal
  • 130 Clatter
  • 201 Pan Hits
  • 30 Snaps & Clicks
  • 126 Metal Weights
  • 154 Bucket BBQ
  • 63 Scrapes and Tray Wobbles
  • 89 Steel Tray
  • 19 Grill
  • 841 Unique One Shot Samples
  • Size -252Mb
  • Files - 24bit WAV
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