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Padsheaven 3 for Zebra

150 patches! + MIDI/Cubase

Product Overview

Padsheaven 3 the third volume of the highly praised Padsheaven series by Joseph Hollo. A huge, detailed, finely crafted selection of alive, lyrical, dramatic pads, drones, wide-screen atmospheres. Furthermore you'll get 32 inspiring arpeggios/rhythmic presets. 150 unique patches! (+ a demo MIDI-, and Cubase project file)

You will get countless different colors, because many of them have even 4 different individualities inside due to the meticulously programmed controllers and Zebras XY pads. Perfect for any styles from classical pop/rock to moviescores, cinematic underscore to up to date electronica. PadsHeaven3 provide lots of emotional inspiration for film and ambient composers, The expression of the patches was highly optimized through common controllers such as Velocity (vel), Aftertouch (At), PitchBend (Pb), Breath (Breath-CC02), Expression (Xpress-CC11) and Modwheel (Mw).

The Aftertouch, Breath and Expression controllers also reachable by the XY Pads on Zebra2s Perform page, so everyone can try and use them, even if they don't have multi-controller capable masterkeyboard. The controllers will significantly change the sound in many cases, so you can get a totally different sound or character. I highly encourage everyone to play around with all of the assigned controls to find out what's hidden under the hood. For this reason please open the Patch Information for valuable info about the controllers, playability and usage. (Clicking "i" located top-right side of Zebra2's GUI.)

System requirements:

  • u-he Zebra 2.6 or higher
  • host program (DAW) with VST or AU, RTAS support
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