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Singers 2

Two little singers at your service.

Product Overview

After the great (and unexpected!) success of the 1st Singers experimental library, Hephaestus proposes the next concept of Singers. The library introduces 2 new very very young female singers, Nastasya, 18-years-old, and Matilde, 15-years-old, singing "haa" as in the old library, but with improved quality and possibilities.
The synthetic legato has been significantly improved, as the great UI to manage the sound as you like.

As always, Hephaestus thinks the best way for you to create a live performance: now, you'll have a great set of 26 .NKI presets, 9 for Matilde, 9 for Nastasya and 8 choir presets combining the 2 little girls, where each of them will have a different behavior depending on the context in which they will need.


  • 48 KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution;
  • Perfectly looped samples;
  • Improved synthetic legato with portamento and expressive transition;
  • 3-layered sustain notes, 3-layered releases and, of course, 3-layered choirs;
  • Choose between vibrato and non-vibrato voices;
  • With the Modulation Controller you can create a nice horror sound;
  • Manage the sound as you like controlling sound presence, distance, attack and FX;
  • Real reverb using an IR sample;
  • Compressed file size of only 178 MB;
  • Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes only on Kontakt Player).

Customer Reviews

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Great stuff!

The Singers 2 and The Other Voices are amazing! Great samples very useful and still affordable! I love it!

Jozsef Nagy

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