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The Biohazard Samples Toolkit

605 nuclearly unstable Drum Loops & One Shots


Product Overview

The Biohazard Samples Toolkit is a collection of Distorted, BitCrushed, BitReduced Drum Loops and One Shot Samples meant to be further twisted and recombined by the user.

It's rough, filthy and dangerous: perfect to add some edge to your productions, whatever the style.

Content of this Sample Pack:

  • 57 Full melting loops (BPM:85/100/110/115/125/130/140/170)
  • 182 Split Atoms Loops
  • 129 Drum One Shots
  • 163 Bass One Shots (Static / Filtered / RingModulated / TopOnly)
  • 15 Synth One Shots
  • 59 Noise One Shots (Crackles / Drones / Transitional States)
  • That makes a total of 239 Drum Loops & 366 Individual sounds all in .wav format.

More Details:

You'll find 57 loops made with a full drum kit (called 'Full Melting Loops'). For each of these 57 full drum kit loops, You'll also get 4 loops separated by drum types (Kicks, Snares, Hats & Noises). So For each Full Melting loop = 1 Kicks Loop + 1 Snares Loop + 1 HiHats Loop + 1 Noise Loop. This will allow you to create your own drum loops by combining the existing separated loops or use only some types of drum hits to better fit your productions.

You could also mute 1 hit using volume or mute automation if it doesn't fit your track or replace it by some of the 129 one individual drum hits.

The possibilities are endless ! And since purity is not the name of the game here: don't hesitate to speed them up or slow them down or twist the sounds and loops in every crazy way you can imagine. Let the mad scientist in you speak !

On top of that, you'll get Bass, Synth and Noise one shots, all in C. It's up to you to create melodies pitching them up & down using the method you see fit: with time- streching... or not (which IOHO is way more fun and interesting). Like for the Drums, these are not classic sounds. They are distorded, filtered, ring-modulated etc...


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in The Biohazard Samples Toolkit

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