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Fat Pack - 64 Massive Presets
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Fat Pack - 64 Massive Presets

64 Massive Presets

Product Overview

Native Instruments Massive is one of most used VST by bass music producers. It’s intuitive interface and simple but extremely powerful modulation system makes it great synth for beginners and experts alike.

In the truest nature of Gravitas, we huddled the team and came back with 64 unique Massive patches as our gift to you. Gravitas artists Cryptex, The Digital Connection, ONE4ALL, ChrisB, Aligning Minds, Psymbionic, Pharo, Brede, Spoken Bird, Galvanix, Soulular, Wolf-e-Wolf, and Bassline Drift all contributed to this FAT PACK of Massive Patches.

Grab em, use em, abuse em and please let us know if you make something with them and want to show it off.

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