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Product Overview

Obelisk is a MIDI plugin instrument that harmonises input MIDI and outputs it to your synths. It is designed to be a flexible way of experimenting with chords and harmonies. Obelisk's chord picker allows you to pick what harmonies should be applied to each note. As well as this, Obelisk features an optional constraining algorithm that will ensure the harmonies fit your chosen key and scale.

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Obelisk is a VST or AU plugin. Please read the technical details section for requirement details.

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  • Very easy to use, no music theory required.
  • Algorithm to constrain chords to a key and scale.
  • Resizable GUI and selectable GUI themes.
  • Customise each note of the chord and scale.
  • Dynamically keyswitch or automate the changing of the chord.
  • Choose retrigger behaviour – either sustain notes, useful for pads, or retrigger every time.
  • Huge selection of chord and scale presets – hear your chords constrained in Blues or Persian scales, for example.
  • See the scale highlighted on the keyboard.
  • Chord names are shown as you play.


Obelisk is a MIDI instrument designed to make it easy to experiment with harmonies. Being only MIDI, it can connect to any synth that you like. As you play keys into Obelisk, each note will be harmonised with the intervals that you pick. As well as this, Obelisk can be set to constrain all output to a given key and scale meaning it will be guaranteed to fit the rest of your music.

As well as the core features, Obelisk has many aspects designed to make it a pleasure to use, such as a resizable GUI, loads of chord and scale presets, and the ability to make your own chords or scales. After hovering over a control for a moment, Obelisk will show popup tool-tips explaining the function of the control.

For instructions for setting up Obelisk in your DAW visit the instructions page.


Constrain all notes to a key and scale

Obelisk can optionally constrain all notes to a key and scale of your choosing. This allows for a consonant result no matter what notes you play. The scale can be fully customised, and there is a wide selection of presets as well. As well as this, the scale and key that you choose will be highlighted on the GUI keyboard helping you play in scales you are unfamiliar with.


Multiple slots to dynamically switch between

In order to allow you to switch between different chords, keys and scales as you play, Obelisk features 4 identical channels. Each channel can be set up with a chord of your choosing and can be assigned a keyswitch. As you play, pressing the keyswitch switches the channel and therefore allows you to mix different chords, keys and scales in the same performance. As a handy means of identifying the channels, a name can be typed in for each.


Full customisation of chords

Obelisk features a very easy to use chord picker. By simply selecting the intervals any harmony can be created. As a starting point there are many chord presets ready to use. When Obelisk is set to constrain mode, the chords are shifted to fit into the given key and scale.


  • Works with Logic X or a VST2 host (for example: Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, FL Studio, Studio One, Cakewalk Sonar, Bitwig, or many others).
  • These hosts do not support Obelisk: Logic 9 or lower, Garage Band, Maschine (does not allow MIDI routing), Pro Tools, Reason (does not allow MIDI routing)
  • Please see our plugin format page for more info on the plugin formats.
  • Obelisk needs to be able to have its MIDI output routed to a sound generator, see the instructions page.
  • Requires Intel Mac OSX 10.7 or above (64 bit), or Windows Vista or above (32 or 64 bit).

Customer Reviews

5 Stars(3)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★Verified Review



Bennie Smith

★ ★ ★ ★ ★Verified Review

I love this software!

I'm not great at creating chords and progressions so Frozen Plain is exactly what I needed to make full complete songs with verses and choruses. Thumbs up!

Matthew Harris

★ ★ ★ ★ ★Verified Review

Brilliant harmonising tool

I use this live switching it in when I'm only able to play phrases with one hand. Easy to set up and a great range of keys.

Chris Cox

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