Velvet Carbon Techno
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Velvet Carbon Techno

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Hybrid Artisan Sample Pack


Product Overview

Straight from the studio of one of the most prolific electronic music sound designers, Dean Daughters (Electronisounds / Prizm Prime), comes a brand new *exclusive* artisan sample pack. Feed your sampler and get that late-night-dubby-techno-vibe!

Here's what Dean has to say about this collection:

With "Velvet Carbon Techno", I'm bringing you an assortment of Hard-hitting, textured and pounding kick drums, crispy and deep percussion loops, filtered chord excursions, fractured/saturated and effected melodics, dark and grooving basslines, and more! Both loops and one-shot samples are included.

This is my most "Hybrid" sample pack to date and it features 278 loops and sounds created with a huge variety of Hardware, PC Daw (Ableton Live) and multiple iPads!

Many of the sounds I recorded from hardware and iPad were processed through an Elektron Analog Heat MKII unit I recently aquired!
I recorded sounds into and sequenced with the AKAI MPC Live and Ableton Live.

Some of my favorite vst plugins for processing samples inside of Ableton: Fabfilter PRO-Q2 (EQ), Fabfilter Saturn (Saturator), Fabfilter PRO-R (Reverb), PSP Vintage Warmer 2, *ALL* of the Vengeance vst fx.


Hardware I recorded for this collection:

  • Audiothingies MicroMonsta
  • Behringer Deepmind 12
  • MAM MB-33 Retro Bass Synthesizer
  • Novation Circuit
  • Novation Ultranova

VST Synths I recorded for this collection:

  • Spire
  • Serum
  • Massive
  • Sylenth

ALL SAMPLES received precise final editing treatment using Soundforge Audio Editor on PC.

These samples are a great starting point for building your own sample-based late night Techno-infused productions.

I've tried to squeeze in as much sample material for you to work with as possible, Friends!
~ Dean


  • 114 Loops
  • 164 One-Shots
  • BPM: 125
  • 369 MB
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