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Mello Synthetic
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Mello Synthetic

A "must-have" collection of downtempo and mellow samples!

Product Overview

Like to keep it mello? This sample collection delivers all the sounds and loops you need to "keep it on the mellow vibe!"

Jam packed with over 850 **all-new** samples, you're sure to find what you're looking for in this sample pack.

ONE-SHOTS - For starters, Mello Synthetic provides you with heaps of one-shots to use in programming your own grooves and melodies. From basses, synths and pads, to drums, chords and trippy FX - IT'S ALL HERE!

VARIETY - We've even included one-shots from THREE different acoustic guitars! When layered, you can create all sorts of sounds from these guitar samples. We've even been able to get them to sound similar to a classical harpsichord!

Also included are REAL accordian and indian wood flute one-shots. 


Basses Folder - 8MB: 19 samples

Chord Collections Folder - 50MB: 42 samples

Drum Sounds Folder - 6MB: 46 samples

FX Folder - 9MB: 17 samples

Live Acoustic Drumbeats Folder - 15MB: 34 samples

Live V-Drums Beats Folder - 17MB: 47 samples,

Misc. Acoustic One-Shots Folder - 17MB: 16 samples,

Misc. Music Loops Folder - 60MB: 33 samples,

Multi-Samples Folder - 153MB: 96 samples,

Nu Toy Keyboard Beats Folder - 19MB: 38 samples

Pads Folder - 143MB: 69 samples

Programmed Drum Beats Folder - 64 MB: 68 samples

Synths Folder - 87MB: 98 samples

Vocoded Beats Folder - 9MB: 20 samples

Z_Bonus Drumkits Folder - 20MB: 225 samples

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