Lo-Fi Dub - Digitakt Sounds

Lo-Fi Dub

256 Wav Samples & Digitakt Sound Presets

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Product Overview

Lo-Fi Dub - for Elektron Digitakt.

Time to up your Digitakt game, Friends!

My biggest bank for the Digitakt, this huge double-sized pack features 256 sound presets based on 256 all-new *extremely authentic*, lo-fi and delicious samples.

If Underground Techno, Dub Techno, Lo-Fi Techno, Lo-Fi House and Late-Night-White-Label-House are the vibes you're into - You've just hit the motherlode!

The Elektron Analog Heat MKII was used extensively throughout the creation and recording process of these new sounds, and it gives this pack - well, some serious "Analog Heat"! Oh Yeah!

The pack is absolutely overflowing with kick drums, hats, chords, basses, fx, rides, shakers and percussion.

There is a HUGE variety of sounds represented here, so you'll be able to make everything from super chilled, downtempo dub techno all the way up to hi tempo funky-house workouts and even Lo-Fi DnB, breakbeats and bass-music beats!

I realllly love these kick drum sounds - There are hard and slamming punchy kicks, mysterious dark vinyl kicks, mellow kicks, phat kicks, bright kicks, long kicks, short kicks, clean kicks, filthy kicks - All kinds of kicks!

83 Kicks are included. The kick drums are *all* TUNED and key-labeled, so whatever note you trigger them on, is what note they are playing. This makes it super easy to keep your kick drums in tune with your track(s)!

These are not “just samples”. These are full sound presets which you can easily Browse/Preview/Scroll through and load to any track (Pad) or to the sound pool.

Sound design can sometimes slow down your writing process when creativity strikes - Give your Digitakt sound arsenal a boost! Installing Lo-Fi Dub puts a wealth of authentic Lo-Fi Dub sounds instantly at your fingertips!


  • 256 Wav Samples
  • 256 Digitakt Sound Presets

NOTE: All of the included wav one-shot samples will also work inside of any DAW or sampler that can load standard wav samples.


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