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Machine Drums To Tape
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Deaf Heights Recording


Machine Drums To Tape

808, 909, 606 Recorded to Cassette Tape


Product Overview

Like a nice stereo image? Low noise? Good dynamic range? Tough!

Here's a Roland TR8 played through a guitar multi effects and slammed into a Yamaha 4 Track cassette recorder!

Feel the glory of transformer distortion, tape compression and loads of glitchy, distorted, sweet and ambient loops.

A selection of loops are free, and the hits come in Clean (recorded via USB from the TR-8) and Dirty (slammed super hard into the tape machine) versions.

The loops are culled from various live takes, so emphasis is very much on musicality rather than a straight loop or construction kit style.

Because the TR8 does such a good job of emulating the originals you get a variation and "live" feel that static hits can't really convey.

This is further enhanced with tape saturation, distortion and live tweaking of effects.

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