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Voices Of Ragas Vol 1
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Voices Of Ragas Vol 1

Ancient Raga Voices for Kontakt 5


Product Overview

Raga is a melodic combination of between 5 and 12 musical notes that can evoke a specific mood and emotion while sounding aesthetically appealing to the ear.

In Indian musical tradition, Ragas are associated with different times of the day, or with seasons which speaks volumes for their emotive character.

This library includes many ragas with diverse emotional moods.

Voices of Ragas Vol-1 Covers 'words based phrases' as well as ''ahs!/Aalaps' which don't have any words in them. 'Aahs!/Aalaps' have a Speed Control feature and 'words based phrases' have a tempo sync feature. The uniqueness of this library is that we have provided Kid Voices and Young Voices of the same vocalist Alish Mohan.

Voices Of Ragas needs FULL Kontakt 5.3 Version.

Wave Files are kept open if you don't have access to Native Instruments Kontakt.

Ragas Covered in Kids Voice are:- BhimPilasi, Bihag, Desh, Durga, God Sarang, Jai Jai Vanti, Jaunpuri, Kalingda, Lalit, Maru Bihag, Multani, Parmeshwari, Patdeep, Purvi, Tilak Kamod

Ragas Covered in Young Voice:- Darbari, Jog, Marwah, Multani, Puriya Dhanashri, Shankra, Basant, Patdeep, Todi, Yaman, Ramkali

Custom Script for Voices of Ragas

  • Pink Keyswitch for Selecting Ragas
  • Green Keyswitch to select Vocal Style of that Raga
  • Blue zones have Samples
  • Pitch wheel Control the speed of phrases in Aalaps/Aahs
  • Words based Phrases have Tempo sync feature
  • Sample Resolution: 44.1 KHz/ 24 bit Format
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