Shapiro - Waveshaping VST AU Plugin
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(VST AU) Waveshaping Synth

Product Overview

Welcome to Shapiro our wave shaping synth.

NOTE: This product includes Stand-Alone, VST & AU plug-ins.

Shapiro features 5 oscillators configured into two matched pairs, that you can cross-fade between, and a Sub-oscillator. The oscillators in the matched-pairs have 9 different oscillator types, so you can get some unique and interesting sounds like no other synth. Outputs from each oscillator-pair passes through a dedicated Wave Shaper, with 7 different wave shapes, which you can control with an envelope – and on into a dedicated filter section, with 10 different filter types. Meanwhile the sub-oscillator passes through its own drive effect and on into its own volume envelope. The combined output of all the voices is then passed through the effects section, then through our “Drift” analog-tuning emulation engine and into a legato system derived from our work on orchestral ROMplers. Shapiro is a powerful and unique synth, but with a logical and simple layout that allows you to get up and going really quickly.

Shapiro allows unprecedented control over where and when modulation can be applied, many controls have independent Note Velocity and Sample & Hold modulation sources that you can select. You can use Note Velocity to set the voice volume, set the mix of the oscillators, set the amount of drive into the Wave Shaper and set the Filter Frequency, you can apply Sample & Hold to voice volume, mix, shape amount and filter frequency. Some of these are pretty standard but some are unique and give Shapiro a huge amount of playability and control. Many controls also have a dedicated step-modulator too.

Shapiro comes with an arpeggiator and our unique macro-like CC message assignments page. Add to this the 100 presets ( and the presets system) and you have a comprehensive professional package.

For windows users Shapiro comes with 64-bit and 32-bit VST plug-ins and 64-bit or 32-bit stand-alone versions. Mac users get VST and AU plug-ins and a stand alone version. There’s an install and set-up guide, a Mac package installer, a Windows Installer and a comprehensive manual.

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Download Shapiro right now (Click the Demo Icon near the top of this page). This will give you full access to Shapiro for 15 minutes. If you like it come back and purchase an activation code.

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