Distant Voices - Dune 2 Patches
Distant Voices
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Distant Voices

163 Synthwave Styled Patches for Dune

Product Overview

Cavaricci Records proudly presents "Distant Voices", an essential collection of sound patches for Synapse Audio Software Dune 2/3 VA synthesizer. By purchasing you'll get 100% royalty free pre-programmed sounds elevating your production into a whole new level.

Programmed by Cavaricci Records' Polish multitalent Jackie - an ingenious producer and synth programmer famous for his ability to step in and synthesize any possible sound known to man (and beyond). Distant Voices comes with professional bread and butter patches covering both the basis and cinematic orientation of Synthwave genre. Total of 163 high quality patches including evolving pads, classic keys, wide range of basses and versatile effects.

Patches are presented as 163 individual .fxp files and a single .fxb bank file (Distant Voices.fxb).

Please note:  All the sounds in the demos are from this bank, no other samples were used. EQ, compression, delay and reverb were applied to the demos.


Pack Contents:

  • 15 Arpeggio patches
  • 38 Bass patches
  • 4 Drum patches
  • 19 FX patches
  • 30 Keyboard patches
  • 7 Lead patches
  • 50 Pad patches

 Total Number Of Files:

  • 163

Software Requirements:

  • Requires Synapse Audio Software Dune 2/3 VA synthesizer
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