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Mechanical and Designed


Mechanical and Designed

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96kHz and 24bits. 1265 minutes. Meta-Tagged in BWF MetaEdit and Soundminer.

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  • Brush Cutter
  • Cameras
  • Chainsaw
  • EMF
  • Lawn Mower
  • Metal Contact
  • Props Box
  • Retro Games
  • Swipes and Whooshes


Bundle Overview

Mechanical & Designed Bundle offers recordings of different tools like lawn mower, chainsaw, vintage cameras or brush cutters.

In addition to regular recordings there are some more experimental sounds, like metal recorded with contact microphones, electro-magnetic field recorded with special mics, props recorded with 50kHz Sennheisers, swipes and whooshes, and last but not least, 8bit retro sound effects.

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This Bundle Includes:
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