New Wave Ambient Collection
New Wave Ambient Collection
Sampledelic Sounds


New Wave Ambient Collection

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14 Experimental New Wave Sample Packs

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  • Ambient Electronica Vol 1
  • Ambient Guitars Vol. 1
  • Ambient Guitars Volume 2
  • Ambient Guitars Volume 3
  • Ambient Toolkit Vol 1
  • Ambient Toolkit Vol 2
  • Astral Acoustics
  • Cinematic Chill
  • Classic Beats from Battered Machines
  • Domestic Elements Vol. 1
  • Domestic Elements Vol. 2
  • Downtempo Chilltrax Vol 1
  • Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies
  • Nu Electronic Gaze


Bundle Overview

This incredible and influential collection from Papas St Germain contains a lush selection of ambient pads, retro drum machines, warped electronica and experimental tones.

Total size is 8.84GB, 2774 Files, spread over 155 categorised folders.

Please see individual product pages for further details and demos.

This Bundle Includes:
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