New Wave Ambient Collection
Papas St Germain


New Wave Ambient Collection

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Whats Included:

14 Experimental New Wave Sample Packs

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  • Ambient Electronica Vol 1
  • Ambient Guitars Vol. 1
  • Ambient Guitars Volume 2
  • Ambient Guitars Volume 3
  • Ambient Toolkit Vol 1
  • Ambient Toolkit Vol 2
  • Astral Acoustics
  • Cinematic Chill
  • Classic Beats from Battered Machines
  • Domestic Elements Vol. 1
  • Domestic Elements Vol. 2
  • Downtempo Chilltrax Vol 1
  • Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies
  • Nu Electronic Gaze


Bundle Overview

This incredible and influential collection from Papas St Germain contains a lush selection of ambient pads, retro drum machines, warped electronica and experimental tones.

Total size is 8.84GB, 2774 Files, spread over 155 categorised folders.

This Bundle Includes:
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