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Bundle Overview

Grab ALL of my Digitakt sound banks at a deep discount!

This monster pack will be a complete GAME-CHANGER for your writing with the Digitakt!

The drum sounds alone, took me over 1 year to create.

Imagine, having all these new sounds instantly ready-to-use!

These are not “just samples”. These are full sound presets which you can easily Browse/Preview/Scroll through and load to any track (Pad) or to the sound pool.

These packs were ALL made with the Digitakt’s limited internal storage space in mind, and have been kept as small as possible.

When all 7 packs are installed, it only takes 40MB in total on your Digitak!

NOTE: All of the included wav one-shot samples will also work inside of any DAW or sampler that can load standard wav samples.

Over 1,000 New Sounds in total!

Please see individual product pages for details.

This Bundle Includes:
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