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GuitarScaped 2

Ambient guitar soundscapes

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Product Overview

Like its predecessor, sources for GuitarScaped 2 library was guitar recordings which were very processed and transformed into an ambient machine hence the scape in the name. End results are otherworldly atmospheres, deep drones, ethereal ambiances, textures, organic soundscapes and evolving pads.

If you like non-static evolving sounds this is the product for you. It's best suited for adding ambient backgrounds and tensions to any project audio related: video production, game audio, music like dark ambient etc. Perfect for underscoring or making backing tracks for ambient guitar players.

All are very long loops but don't depend on tempo, you probably won't notice when it goes around and they can take time to evolve.

Content in detail: 80 Kontakt patches (+10 multis) (full version 5.4.1 and up required *not player*) 80 sfz patches (Sforzando, One Small Clue Grace, Zampler-RX, Wusik Station etc) 80 wav (24 bit 44,1 Khz) key labeled Loops (very long, average is 32 seconds but they span from 10 seconds to 1 minute and over) About 750 Mb size

Notes about video demo below in the comments section (short previews of Kontakt instruments). Only post processing was volume normalization. For this demo, only 1 note was held per instrument. GuitarScaped 2 (as in the first volume) contains long atmospheric loops and takes time to evolve. To keep the video short, we didn't hold for long but long enough so you can taste what it sounds like. Despite that, this video demo is still long, but this is only a fraction of what's included.

In a way, each instrument is an ambient track on its own. At about 19:25 throughout the video is a demonstration how to easily create something new - creating Kontakt multi with just a few tweaks. Instruments were chosen at random. Since all instruments use long loops but with different lengths, multi will continue to evolve and change for a very long period of time without repeating.


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very useful

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