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tempus aquis

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new sounds for Phonec 2


Product Overview

'tempus aquis' is a set of sounds for Psychic Modulation's Phonec 2 (version 2.1) There are 128 sounds in the set. As a long time Boards of Canada fan, there is just something that resonates for me with that I did go thru grade school in the late 60's and early 70's...all that source material and those sounds ARE TRULY touchstones from my past. bicycles...filmstrips with the strange music...the public service announcements... the Seamonkeys and Magic Crystals...the melted crayons and close phonographs... It all comes together to create a backdrop and a space where I keep MY memories... Somehow, the music of BOC unlocks those places forgotten in our past While there HAVE been several wonderful sound sets created for other instruments like Massive and Sylenth that really do capture the feel of that sound, Psychic Modulation created Phonec (and subsequently Phonec 2) VST Synth based upon the BOC palette. The Psychic Modulation site specifically states that Phonec was inspired from "video logos you hear at the beginning of worn out VHS tapes"...And the result of that creation yields not only those BOC type sounds, but much more than that!!! Enjoy!

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