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Traditional Folklore Vocals From The Balkans
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Audio Masters

Traditional Folklore Vocals From The Balkans

A collection of cinematic vocals

Product Overview

'Traditional Folklore Vocals From The Balkans' by Audio Masters delivers a stunning collection of ethnic vocal performances designed for film, media, advertisement & music productions. This pack feature the voice of a professional vocalist from a world famous folklore ensemble, so don't miss the opportunity to own these unique voice tracks for your productions.

Inside you will find 10 full ethnic vocal compositions. These songs are hundreds of years old and reflect the culture of several different districts of the Balkan region of East Europe. 
Included are dry versions of each song in this pack, so producers can cut, mix, mash and add an effect processing of their choice. The vocals included were recorded using Schoeps CMC 6 phantom powered amplifier and Colette Modular Capsule. Also included are compressed versions, developed using an Apogee Symphony AD/DA and industry standard Drawmer 1978 compressor. Inside you will also find processed versions of each songs for those looking to work with the files straight away.
The traditional folklore vocals were performed by one of the lead vocalists of the world famous folklore ensemble Filip Kutev. Touring around the globe for decades and with a huge experience in live performances and studio work, this awesome voice that you wont find anywhere is brought straight to your studio.
The included compositions come from a variety of regions within South-Eastern Europe, such as Stara Planina, Macedonia, Stranjda Region, Trakia Region, Pirin region and more.
• Begalo Ludo Ot Oro 'Macedonian Traditional Song'
• Che Sa Haiduti Izlezli 'Traditional Song From Kotel, Stara Planina'
• Ovchar Na Ganka Dumashe 'Trakian Ratchenitsa From The Trakia Region'
• Peiu - 'A Horo Song From The Stranjda Region'
• Rano Mi E More 'A Song From The Sofia Region'
• Sgada Li Mi Se 'A Horo Song From The Stranjda Region'
• Slance Se Stega Da Zaide 'A Folklore Song From The Pirin Region'
• Stoyan Drugari Dumashe 'A Fast Song From The Strandja Region'
• Stoyan Drugari Dumashe 'A Horo Song From The Strandja Region'
• Zaidi Iasno Slance 'Slow Song From The Pirin Region'


• 10 Traditional Vocal Tracks
• Dry Versions
• Processed Versions
• Compressed Versions
• 24 Minutes Total
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality
• Compatible with all DAWs
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