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Empty Fields F2

Omnisphere 2 Collection

Product Overview

Empty Fields - F.2 for Omnisphere 2 is an ongoing project with 10 releases in a one year timespan. Each release will contain 50 - 70 new patches, 10 - 20 multis and it will use a hybrid setup with using both new recorded material and using soundsources from the Omnisphere 2 core library. 

Specially for Sampleism the first 5 packs are released as a separate product and the next 5 packs will be released as a separate product when the project is finished around February or March 2019. This release contains 270 patches, 50 multis and 164 soundsources and the size is 986 mb.

Please note that this release requires Omnisphere 2.5!

The soundset is inspired by the nature surrounding us and is perfect for use in ambient and electronic music productions or as background for use in film, tv, game or music library productions.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Empty Fields F2

Sample Library Review

The soundset has been reviewed by Sample Library Review

Contributor Raymond D Ricker reviews 'Empty Fields – F.2' for Omnisphere 2 

"A promising, well-balanced set of Omnisphere 2 patches. Natural sounds can be combined with evolving pads and deep, syncopated ARPS to produce ethereal atmospheres & textures of color and emotion."


Sample Sound Review rated the library 5 out of 5 stars!

"Tons of emotions have been crafted in the sound design of Empty Fields and Triple Spiral Audio has once again created a masterpiece. I don’t mean to gush over the power of this series, but I can’t help myself. Anyone with Omnisphere 2 would be falling way short by not picking this up.
The Empty Fields series for Omnisphere 2 embodies ambient perfection in every way. Triple Spiral Audio has risen in the ranks of one of my favorite sound designers. This is a Mandatory Buy!"

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